The story of Impunity KH can be traced back to 2017, when Team Impunity (a casual clan before Impunity Esports was established) was dominating in Southeast Asia’s Vainglory scene by being the region’s champion for two consecutive years as well as climbing up to Worlds’ Top 4 for a few times. In Cambodia, Vainglory was popular then. We got to know Impunity KH coach Vengthong (NorthKing) and he volunteered to be our champion Vainglory team. After sending our Vainglory team to Phnom Penh for a Meet&Greet session, we strongly felt the passion and love Cambodia fans have in esports, and in Impunity. Therefore we started to seek for entry point to this exciting market. 

Through introduction of some friends, in July 2019, director of Impunity Esports travelled together with our ex-Vainglory captain Amos (Quatervois) to invite Helheim, a casual MLBB clan founded by Promnear (Prom Official ML) to join Impunity. With merely one meeting, two nights in Phnom Penh and some follow-up conversations, Impunity KH was founded right before M1 Cambodia Qualifier. Thereafter, we won the qualifier to present our debut at M1 as an one-month old team.

Even though Impunity KH hasn’t had impressive achievements in official international tournaments (M1, SEA Games 2019, M2), we have made some spotlights and breakthrough in and beyond Cambodia territory. Besides winning many champions locally during past 1.5 years, we have created Cambodia MLBB team’s history at Razer (Compete by country, we as Cambodia took 1 game from Myanmar and won Laos as 1st ever win for Cambodia in international MLBB scene) and Mytel tournaments (Group No.1 to qualify for Playoff), where we fought against some of the best teams internationally.

If you have noticed about the squad of Impunity KH, we have been going through a few rounds of reshuffles for members. Recently we also established Impunity X, the academy MLBB team of Impunity Cambodia. Impunity’s philosophy is always about nurturing talents, inside gaming and in their life, in competitive scene and in KOL field. Therefore we monitor and assess their skill, mindset, attitude and even lifestyle. In our opinion, esports players are not too different from sports athletes. By developing a long term career in esports, they need to be trained with commitment, professionalism as well as sportsmanship.    

This time we are privileged to be invited to MSC 2021, which we treat as a chance for us to fight for glory of Cambodia. We have Boom (Boom Gaming) who joined MSC 2017, M1, SEA Games 2019, M2 while 3 of our main players are all at the age of 16-17. This team might be lack of international experience but would be united as ONE to defend pride of Khmer people.



- Sea Games Cambodia Qualifier Champion (August, 2019)
- M1 Cambodia Qualifier Champion (October, 2019)
- M1 Country Representative (November, 2019)
- KH Gaming Legend S1 Champion (March, 2020)
- KH Gaming Legend S2 Champion (June, 2020)
- Razer Cambodia Qualifier Champion (June, 2020)
- Sting MLBB Cup S1 Champion (August, 2020)
- Play Game MLBB Series 1 Champion
- Smart Open Tournament Champion
- Codashop Global Series Champion 
- Codashop Global Series Champion (March, 2021)
- Codashop Global Series Champion April (April, 2021)
- Codashop Global Series Champion 515 Eparty (May, 2021)

Roster - Season 1
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