NewBlood. With a new start.

Since the day of MLBB in Cambodia, New Blood has been representing the everlasting will. The everlasting will to win, to care about each other as brothers, to grit our teeth and fight through every obstacle ahead.

Now, the day has come.

We finally got blood transfusion.

2 new players, but still the blood of Newblood.
2 brothers, now having the chance to unite and fight.

NewBlood, never back down.


  • Second runner up Cellcard play game series
  • Second runner up Global Series
  • Second runner up Smart Pro Tournament
  • Second runner up Gala Cambodia
  • Second runner up Metfone The First Legend region 1
  • Second Runner Up Codashop Global Series
  • Third runner up Metfone The First Legend Final region


Roster - Season 1
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