Impunity Esports

Founded in 2010, Impunity was merely a project to showcase how professional coaching could bring Singaporean talents to greater heights. Being a Gamer in Singapore, gaming can never be one’s priority as the pursuit of excellence in education along with high Cost of living in Singapore, makes it almost impossible to take gaming (a hobby or passion) as a full-time career. With little to no time a week for each individual to train, Impunity structures training in hopes to maximize output (i.e each player’s growth in and out of the game) with the minimum amount of time spent.

Here in Impunity, we aim to develop gamers not just in gaming skill foundations but place a huge priority on strategy planning and character development. We equip our gamers with not just the ability to compete against the toughest of competitions, but also with the ability to represent themselves, the Organization or Sponsors.

Today, even with 80 Podium finishes across over 15 games titles, Impunity’s focus in the future does not end with traditional competitive gaming. Impunity will also be involved with the exploration of Sports Science, the use of Artificial Intelligence and NeuroScience, to provide the opportunity for our gamers to become athletes.

In 2018, Impunity was also mentioned in the Singapore Parliament as an example where gaming does have its good values and as well as a positive impact on personal growth for Youths.

Today, Impunity is not just an Esports team. It’s a company, which strives to put forth entertaining experiences to fans, to provide advertising outlets and promotional strategies to brands and sponsors, with the integration of successful business models, referencing from past successful world-renowned Sports Clubs, and replicating it into Esports.

  • Champions for Top Clans Invitational
  • Champions for M1 Cambodia Qualifier 2019
  • Champions for PLAYGame MLBB Series 2020
  • Champions for Sting MLBB Cup
  • Champions for Razer SEA Invitational KH 2020
  • Champion for Top Clans 2021 Winter Invitational
  • Champion for Top Clans 2021 Winter Qualifiers
  • Champion for PVP Esports MLBB Cambodia Qualifiers