Flash KH

Flash KH has played in MPL KH for 5 seasons now. In their long journey of MPL KH, they got 2 times of the MPL KH Champion. The first time of it, Flash KH got the opportunity to play in M4 the international stage. Unfortunatly, their performance in the internation stage did not match their expectation for the team. And they worked really hard after that

Finally, they won the champion of MPL KH S4 and got the opprtunity to play in the international stage again. At that time Flash KH shined on MSC 2023 by getting the 4th place for the Cambodian teams. Now, they are also ready for their third time champion in this season.

  • MPL KH S1 4th
  • MPL KH S2 4th
  • MPL KH S3 Champion
  • M4 13rd - 16th
  • MPL KH S4 Champion
  • MSC 2023 4th Place
  • MPL KH S5 3rd Place