Team Max KH

Team Max is an Esport Gaming Organization borned and brewed in Phnom Penh, Cambodia! We are a team of competitive esport players, content creators, streamers who’s looking to make the biggest impact in Cambodia esport. We believe in a simple yet meaningful philosophy: One Family, One Community, One Goal; and we believe as an esport family we want to build a positive community under our umbrella working towards being the best representation of Cambodia esport.


Team Max roster was a full transfer over from newly formed GGWP. THe player consist ex team members of bigger teams such as Burn Gaming. Other key players are a young, potential and committed talent but with limited on stage experience. MPL S2 Spring Split is the big tournament Team Max jumps into after making it to only top 32 in MPL S1, taken down by Fennec Esport BO1.