Pro Esport

PRO Esports is one most the old team in MPL KH. The team started compitited since MPL KH S1. With the first of their journey in MPL KH, they reached to the 2nd place of MPL KH S1. After that, they were not performing well in MPL KH. Therefore, they had changed many rosters in the team in order to get better. However, things did not go really well for them.

Now, with the comeback of Naja, PRO Esports might shines again in the MPL KH S6.


MPL KH S1 - 2nd Place
MPl KH S2 - 5th-8th Place
MPL KH S3 - 8th Place
MPL KH S4 - 4th Place
MPL KH S5 - 6th Place