See You Soon

See You Soon is the first team that gets the Champion of MPL KH. Because of that, they got their first chance of playing in M1 world stage. Unfortunatly, their did not do well in the M1 world championship. And they keep staying consistently in the compititive MPL KH and waiting for their again.

Finally, See You Soon made it again in the MPL KH S5 and they got another chance to play in the M5 world championship becuase their hard work. Now, they will be doing better after came back from the M5 world stage.

  • MPL KH S1 Champion
  • M3 9th - 12nd
  • MPL KH S2 2nd Place
  • MPL KH S3 3rd Place
  • MPL KH S4 3rd Place
  • MPL KH S5 Champion
  • M5 5th - 6th Place